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Ad critique 2 – Music

The Ad I chose for this critique was a Coke commercial featuring Taylor Swift. Oh excuse me, DIET Coke. It starts out with her writing in her notebook which also happens to be lyrics for one of her songs which she is saying out loud, but not singing. The commercial then shifts to different people who are singing the song. As they these scenes go back and forth, she is taking gradual sips of the soda while she is writing. As the song gets towards the chorus you can see and hear her fans singing and cheering for her at a concert as she runs out to finish the song.

                Now I feel like soda companies are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to marketing via commercials because you can only make so many commercials that are 100% relevant to what you are selling before it becomes stale. That being said, they do things like this – feature a star using their product. Because celebrities have fans, and a lot of the fans are borderline crazy regardless of their age. Someone like Taylor Swift is probably seen as an idol by some. So when fans see her drink it, they think, “oh Taylor drinks it?! Well I should too!” That is not always the case obviously, but that is one example. Early in chapter five of our text mentions how Will Smith participated in product placement of Converse shoes in a movie. I am sure a lot of people- or fans- unconsciously (or consciously) tried a pair of converse the next time they needed shoes.

                Another good point the text brings up is that, “generations are defined by their music” (page 112). I find this to be true for especially in the younger crowd. She is young, pretty and famous (and not for the same reasons Kim Kardashian is famous). Yet she sings about things that most girls in their younger years could probably relate to, young love and what not. I would imagine they purposely had Taylor Swift advertise diet coke versus regular coke because she is a female and you are more likely to see a female drinking a diet coke and I would imagine the majority of her fans are female. Although when they pan through the different people singing her song in the commercial, the first two people are male. I feel that they are trying to show that her music is catchy and not just for girls (but as I said, most of her fans are probably female seeing as I have never met a guy who is down for the next Taylor Swift concert). So really, in a way, I feel as though this is double marketing. She gets to promote herself and Coke gets their product advertised. I don’t think this is a negative thing so much, other than the fact that it could be seen as ‘hinting’ that you as a female should be drinking diet coke.



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